If you work in railroad, you probably know about FELA or the Federal Employers Liability Act. If you don’t, here’s what it is.

What FELA Does for Railroad Employees?

FELA safeguards the rights of railroad workers when they get injured on the job. A FELA claim is perhaps the most important thing for an injured railroad worker after an accident.

If you or someone you know has been injured while working as a railroad worker, you need to know your rights and follow some precautionary measures to make sure that you are compensated adequately. If you don’t file a claim in time, for example, you may be forgoing some of your compensatory rights given to you by FELA.

What You Need to Do After You Are Injured

You should report your accident to your immediate supervisor in writing so that you get the injury reporting form to complete. Being accurate and detailed in your explanation as much as possible is important to get better a better chance of compensation.

Be sure to include what conditions existed and the causes or factors that lead to the accident. Make a copy of this so you remember it for any settlement of the FELA claim later.

Get Medical Treatment for Your Injury

The employer of a railroad worker makes sure that the worker gets prompt medical treatment and care, especially when the injury is serious. When you get the first treatment done, the railroad worker should have separate medical evaluation done for themselves and additional treatment, if they need it, from their own doctor.

Communicating openly and honestly with the doctor about pain and other problems that you are facing since the accident occurred is important. It will be mentioned in your medical records. Keep copies of the bill and medical records as a reference for your FELA claim in the future.

Following up with Your FELA Claim

When you report the accident to your employer, you must make a copy of that as mentioned above. Use this copy to create your personal injury reports with a detailed account of the accident when it occurred. If you choose to hire a workers’ compensation attorney for your FELA claim, this personal injury report will prove useful as it will give your (railroad worker) perspective on the accident. This might help you get the full extent of your compensation.

This personal report must mention how grave your injuries are and how your professional and personal life has been impacted by these the injuries you suffered. If you know any witnesses who say the accident, mention them in the report.

Tracking the Time

When the injury limits the extent of work that you do as a railroad worker, you should not let that time go by without keeping track of it. Make sure to track how much work you left out on the day of the accident’s occurrence. Also note down the work you missed because you were undergoing medical treatment, had doctor’s appointments and rehabilitation sessions.

It can be helpful to have a lawyer by your side in times like these. To get in touch with a professional lawyer, contact us today.