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Common Reasons Your California Workers’ Compensation Claim was Denied

Unbeknownst to many, you do not have to accept the denial of your workers’ compensation claim. The structure for filing a workers’ compensation claim can be complicated and confusing, to say the least. If you have been formally denied compensation, you have every right to an appeal and fight for the compensation you are owed. Seeking the support of an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation claims attorney can help you successfully file for a work comp claim and obtain the restitution you deserve.

The first step in challenging the denial of your claim is figuring out the reason behind the rejection. Once you have discovered the cause of the denied claim, you can move forward with the appeals process.

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Common Reasons For a Rejected California Workers’ Compensation Claim:

  1. Rejected for Not Being Injured at Work
    One of the most powerful reasons behind a rejection is that you were not injured at work. While this can seem plain and simple, for many workers who frequently work outside or travel due to work, it is not. This can often be difficult to challenge, especially in the event that you were injured while “on the clock”, not in your workplace, but nonetheless were performing your typical job duties. The experience of a knowledgeable attorney can guide you through the event that your workers’ compensation claim was denied due to this reason.
  2. Time Constraints
    Many of us live fast paced lifestyles, especially if we are caregivers at home. Unfortunately, there are rigorous time constraints to file for a workers’ compensation claim. After you have been hurt at work, it is vital that you not only inform your supervisor, but that you also seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
  3. Under the Influence When Injured
    If you were injured at work, your employer can ask for you to get drug tested, especially if he or she has a reason to believe that you were intoxicated when the accident happened. If you were under the influence when you were injured at work, there might be a valid reason behind your rejected claim. If you believe that this was an incorrect result, you have every right to appeal the rejection. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can advocate for your rights and fight for the restitution you are owed.
  4. Failure to Be Medically Treated
    If you are pursuing to file a workers’ compensation claim for your injury, it is crucial that you seek medical treatment for the injuries sustained. Not only will medical professionals be able to help you understand the extent of the damages, he or she will also be able to provide medical records that show validity to your claims.
  5. Pre-Existing Conditions
    While your insurance carrier can claim that you were ill or hurt before the start of a job, this does not mean that your employment did not make your situation or illness worse. If you have been rejected due to the assertion that you had a pre-existing condition, a qualified attorney will fight for your rights to establish legitimacy to your case.

Workers’ Comp Claim Denial Lawyer in Los Angeles

In the event that you do not have to have a workers’ compensation attorney to challenge a rejected claim, you might not be giving yourself a complete opportunity to succeed at your appeal. The California workers’ compensation system is a complete bureaucratic nightmare, and most people give up in frustration or end up wasting valuable time pursuing a claim on their own. A qualified attorney will guide you through the process and counsel you to what is needed in order to provide your claim appeal the best opportunity to be successful.

Our Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced in the appeals process of a denied workers’ compensation claim. They will champion for your rights as a victim and will fight to seek justice on your behalf.

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If you’d like our assistance with a denied workers’ compensation claim in Los Angeles you can schedule a no cost, no-obligation appointment today or call us at 213-319-6804!

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