What Does a Pasadena Workers’ Comp Attorney Do?

You may have heard that working with a Pasadena workers’ comp attorney is important – but what exactly do these legal professionals do for you? What are their main tasks and responsibilities, and how can they help you get your hands on a much-needed settlement? These are all valid questions, especially if you have suffered a serious injury while on the job in Pasadena. You may be struggling with considerable medical expenses as you attempt to heal, and you may be missing weeks of work as a result of your injuries. These economic losses require immediate, effective attention, and you obviously need to work with the most qualified legal professional you can find – especially if you’re serious about recovering compensation.

Pasadena Workers' Compensation AttorneyFortunately, you can learn all about the benefits of working with a workers’ compensation attorney when you book a consultation with one of these professionals in Pasadena. This initial consultation allows you to sit down and discuss the ins and outs of a typical workers’ comp claim. You can learn exactly how your attorney will approach the situation based on your specific needs and requirements. The lawyer can also lay out a basic action plan, helping you understand exactly what they will do to help you get your settlement.

Gathering Evidence- One of the most important roles of your workers’ comp attorney in Pasadena will be to gather evidence. This evidence will likely center around your injuries, so your lawyer will often try to gather medical records that clearly show you suffered legitimate injuries. However, they may also take depositions and statements from other individuals, especially if the nature of the accident is in question. For example, your employer might try to claim that the accident happened outside of work hours, but a fellow employee can contradict this with a sworn statement.

Negotiating on Your Behalf- Almost all workers’ compensation attorneys are also skilled negotiators. These lawyers negotiate with insurance adjusters on a regular basis, and they can use various techniques to help you receive a fair, adequate settlement. Negotiating on your own can be quite daunting, as you simply do not have the experience necessary to push back against adjusters. During the negotiation process, your lawyer can back up your claims with clear evidence, allowing you to pursue a larger, more realistic settlement amount.

Providing Advice – An attorney can also provide you with sound advice while you negotiate for a settlement amount. When you receive an offer, you can turn to your lawyer and ask whether it is fair. Your attorney can then tell you whether to make a counter-offer or accept the settlement. 

Appealing Denied Claims- Another important thing to remember is that a workers’ compensation attorney in Pasadena can be instrumental in appealing denied claims. Many workers feel discouraged and hopeless when their claims are denied, but the truth is that this is only the beginning of the battle. When you get in touch with a workers’ comp attorney, you can appeal these denied claims, attend hearings, and take this matter up with the supreme court if necessary. Appealing a denied claim is more complex than actually filing the claim in the first place, which is why an attorney is so crucial in this situation.

How Much Does a Pasadena Workers’ Compensation Attorney Cost? 

If you are worried about the costs of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney, you need to consider the fact that almost all of them are paid on a contingency basis. This payment system allows you to proceed with your appeal or claim while putting absolutely no money down up front. Instead, you can wait until after you receive your settlement and pay your attorney from this sum of money instead. This is often well worth it, since your lawyer can help you recover a much larger settlement amount than if you had tried to do this by yourself. 

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