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Filing a workers’ compensation claim in Norwalk, CA can seem like a complex process. This is especially true if you are still receiving medical treatment for your workplace injuries, and you do not even have time to consider your next steps. If your injuries are severe, the last thing you want to think about is how you are going to file a claim and receive compensation. You need to be focusing on the healing process, getting the treatment you need, and resting as best you can. However, there comes a time when filing a claim becomes absolutely crucial. Without taking this step, it is impossible to receive the compensation you need to actually pay for your medical treatment.

Perhaps even more crucially, a workers’ compensation claim can provide you with compensation for all the wages you have missed due to your injuries. In some cases, your settlement can also include compensation for missed wages that you expect to suffer in the future as a result of your injuries. These losses can translate into thousands of dollars or even millions if you were earning a significant amount of money prior to your injury.

So how exactly do you go about filing a workers’ compensation claim in Norwalk, California?

Norwalk Workers' Compensation AttorneyGet the Treatment You Need – The first step is simple — get the medical treatment you need. Even if you have suffered a relatively minor workplace injury like a sprained wrist, whiplash, or a slight knock to the head, it always makes sense to prioritize your health. Purely from a logical standpoint, there is no reason to allow injuries to go unattended – even if you are concerned about medical expenses. Minor injuries can actually become worse over time if left unaddressed. For example, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) might seem minor at first, but they can quickly become more serious.

From a legal standpoint, getting treatment for your injuries is just as important. If you fail to take your injuries seriously, the workers’ compensation board in California may come to the conclusion that these injuries are illegitimate. They may conclude that since you made no effort to receive medical treatment, the damages caused by these injuries must be negligible. This can lead to denied claims. Remember, your settlement will provide you with compensation for all of your medical expenses, so there’s really no reason to “tough it out,” so to speak. 

Get in Touch With an Attorney – After you start receiving treatment, you will need to get in touch with an attorney at your earliest convenience. Booking a consultation is always a smart move, as these initial meetings are often free of charge. In fact, you likely will not have to pay a workers’ comp attorney until you actually receive your settlement, as most get paid via a contingency fee. During this initial consultation, you can explain your unique situation and receive targeted legal advice. You can also assess the credentials, educational background, and overall philosophy of an attorney before moving forward with your claim.

 Gather Evidence – Aside from medical records, other evidence may be helpful as you file your claim. This might include evidence of your past earnings, photos from the scene of the accident, and other documents. Your attorney can certainly help you gather all of the evidence you need.

 Negotiate – Your attorney can also help you negotiate for your workers’ comp settlement. This can be an arduous process, and your attorney can make sure that you are being offered a fair, adequate sum for your injuries. Negotiating on your own is possible, but it is often ineffective. Workers’ comp attorneys are skilled negotiators who do this for a living, and they can push back against inadequate settlement offers, backing up your claim with clear evidence and logical arguments.

 Appeal Any Denied Claims – If your claim is denied, your attorney can help you appeal this denial. This can be a complex process, and your attorney can make sure that you are approaching your appeal in the smartest way possible. If necessary, we can continue appealing your denied claim with the higher courts in California.

Where Can I Find a Norwalk Workers’ Comp Attorney Near Me?

If you have been scouring the Norwalk, CA area for a qualified, experienced workers’ comp attorney, look no further than Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney. With our help, you can approach this process with a degree of confidence and efficiency. Your settlement is within grasp, regardless of whether your claim has already been denied. We can help you appeal denied claims, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance adjusters, and much more. Book your consultation today, and you can take your first steps towards fair, adequate compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

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