Do I Need a Downey Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

If you have suffered a Downey workplace injury, you might be wondering whether you actually need a workers’ comp attorney. After all, isn’t this just a matter of filing a claim with the workers’ compensation board? Isn’t the entire purpose of workers’ compensation to provide quick and easy funds for injured employees like you? In a perfect world, this would all be true. Workers would not encounter any issues as they filed claims and recovered fair, adequate compensation for their injuries – and lawyers would not be needed. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and workers may struggle with all kinds of complicated roadblocks as they attempt to receive their settlements. This is where a lawyer comes in.

If you have suffered a workplace injury in California, it is important to get in touch with an experienced workers’ comp attorney as soon as possible. Due to the statute of limitations, you may lose your settlement if you fail to act quickly. Internet research is always a positive first step, but it cannot provide you with personalized legal advice based on your specific situation. Each case is different, and one-on-one consultation with a workers’ comp attorney is the only way to effectively assess your legal options.

What Happens When You File a Workers’ Comp Claim on Your Own?

Downey Workers’ Compensation AttorneyThe truth is that it is technically possible to file a workers’ comp claim without an attorney. However, this can result in a number of unfavorable consequences. So what actually happens if you try to do this by yourself?

Firstly, it is difficult to assess the full range of your damages without help from a legal professional. You may believe that your injury is relatively minor, but it is important to take into account the full implications of your accident. For example, a head injury can become steadily worse over time, resulting in cognitive decline, speech problems, and loss of motor control skills. Insurance adjusters might try to downplay the severity of these injuries, even if they are likely to limit your earning capacity in the future. This is just one example of how an injury might be much more severe than it seems at face value. A lawyer can help you receive a more substantial settlement that reflects the true, far-reaching implications of your injury.

Lawyers Bring Solid Negotiation Skills to the Table

Workers’ comp attorneys negotiate with insurance adjusters for a living. They know how to push back when you are being offered an inadequate settlement, and they can employ a wide range of effective tactics to make sure you get your fair share. If you try to negotiate by yourself, you may feel out of depth and pressured to settle for an inadequate settlement.

In addition, you might not even be aware of what constitutes an “adequate” settlement. When you receive an offer that is worth tens of thousands of dollars, this might seem like a lot of money at first. But you have nothing to compare it to, and this offer might not be enough to cover your long-term damages. If you are unsure of whether you should accept an offer, you can turn to your attorney for advice. We will let you know whether we think the offer is fair or not.

Denied Workers’ Comp Claims: Attorneys are crucial when it comes to denied claims. While you might be able to get away with filing a claim by yourself, you certainly cannot appeal a denied claim without help from a lawyer. These legal professionals can help you push back and prove that your denied claim was unjust and unwarranted. If need be, your attorney can even take your denied claim to the higher courts in an effort to make sure you receive a fair settlement.

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If you have been searching the Downey area for a qualified, experienced workers’ comp attorney, look no further than Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured workers in Downey, and we know how serious these workplace injuries can be. Do not make the mistake of going at this alone. With a qualified attorney by your side, you can approach this situation with confidence. Insurance companies will try to take advantage of your situation, but we can protect your best interests and ensure you receive a fair settlement. Book your consultation today to explore your legal options.

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