A workplace injury can happen to even the utmost careful employees. If you have sustained a workplace injury, you should know that you have rights that protect your health as well as your financial well-being after the injury. Unfortunately, there are employers and insurance companies that are not willing to fully recognize workplace injury benefits. Moreover, these parties are also known to not always work in the best interest of the employee. After a workplace injury, do not be coerced into taking a settlement that is not representative of your injuries. If you’d like to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney in Burbank, CA about your rights you can schedule a no cost, no-obligation appointment today!

Why Do I Need a Burbank Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Burbank, CA workers compensation attorney law firmIf you or a family member was injured at work, and you’ve never navigated the workers’ compensation bureaucracy, you’re in for a rude awakening. Benefits and compensation is available to you, BUT you have to fight to get it. Additionally, since the workers’ compensation system is run by the Federal Government, the entire system is based on process, filing deadlines, proper paperwork and a laundry list of obscure acronyms and things you’d probably have no idea you can or can’t do. Most people who navigate the system themselves have their claim delayed or denied completely.

During your application process, you’re probably not earning an income and you likely have mounting medical bills. On top of this, you have to go to doctor’s appointments and focus on healing. Most people can’t juggle navigating the process efficiently and all of their other obligations. Here, we will discuss some of the most important reasons why you should consider speaking to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.

A Burbank Workers’ Compensation Attorney Will Protect Your Rights to a Compensation

The State of California workers’ compensation laws are set to protect a worker’s right to claim compensation when he or she has been injured at work. The laws also protect the rights of survivors who have lost a loved one as a result of a workplace accident. While there are laws that protect workers’ right to benefits when injured at work, there are cases where workers are denied compensation. A claim denial can result from a number or reasons that include:

  • Not reporting the injury promptly
  • The injury did not occur in the workplace
  • The injury occurred because of horseplay

If you were denied benefits, our Burbank work injury attorney will make sure that you are given the awards that are representative of your injuries. A qualified lawyer will work to advance your claim process and ensure that your legal rights are upheld.

A Burbank Workers’ Compensation Law Firm Can Maximize Your Claim

doctor examining work injuryAdditionally, workers can also be low-balled in the amount of benefits awarded. Many employers and their insurance claims adjusters will attempt to pay out the least amount as possible in a workers’ compensation claim. This can occur when there is reason to believe that your injury is not debilitating.

If you are not being awarded the amount of benefits your truly deserve, a workers’ compensation will fight for your right to receive a maximum amount of compensation. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney will examine the benefits provided by your employer’s insurer and find the best medical care available in the provider’s network. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney will monitor your care and ensure that you are being given the best medical care possible.

An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Burbank Will Negotiate Your Settlement to Suit Your Needs

When your workplace injury resulted in a grievance that will affect you for many years to come, your claim may need to go through settlement before a workers’ compensation judge for a solution.

A skilled workers’ comp attorney who has experience in negotiation will handle all matters of the resolution on your behalf. Before agreeing to any amount of settlement, it is critical to have a proficient workers’ compensation attorney represent your rights and interests. Depending on your specific case, your injury may need many years of medical treatment and care. If this is your situation, you will need to ensure that you are given benefits that will cover your medical care and costs.

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