Workers’ compensation allows employees to get compensation in the event of an injury. These are provided by employers to compensate the victim for lost wages and medical expenses. One question that comes to employees who ‘work off the books’ is whether they can also file a compensation claim.

In this article, we will inform whether employees who work without reporting to Uncle Sam are eligible for worker compensation.

Workers’ Compensation for ‘Off the Book’ Employees

A lot of companies employ workers without reporting in order to save costs. While this practice might have legal consequences for the employer and the employee, this does not bar an employee from receiving workplace compensation.

The fact is that worker compensation is the right of every employee. Injuries that occur in the workplace can have grave financial consequences for the worker. They can cause lost wages and medical bills for treating the injury.

Workplace compensation ensures that the employee does not face deep financial difficulties. The employer needs to compensate employees for injuries sustained while performing work. In case an employee does not compensate the victim, he or she can take the matter to the court to obtain the required compensation.

About Filing a Worker Compensation Case “Off the Books”

In order to file a workers’ compensation case when working off the books, you must show two things. You must prove that the injury occurred while performing work. Also, you should show that you were working for the employer when the injury occurred. This can be done by showing badges, pictures, or testimony of witnesses.

To maximize your chances of receiving a compensation, you should contact an experienced workman’s compensation. Make sure that you inform the attorney of the circumstances regarding the injury. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will collect evidence and present them to the court to get an outcome in your favor.

Apart from pursuing legal action against the employer, an experienced workplace injury attorney can also help you in taking legal actions against third parties responsible for the injury. For instance, an employee who got hurt falling over a broken driveway can sue the property owner. This will ensure that the guilty parties are brought to justice for their negligent actions.


Employees who work off the books can file a workers’ compensation case in court to get compensation for injuries. You should contact an experienced attorney soon after a workplace attorney. A professional attorney will initially ask the employer to settle the matter through out-of-court settlement. However, if the employer rejects the proposal, your attorney will help you file a court case to get the compensation you deserve.

If you reside in Los Angeles you can contact a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorney. We have been serving the area for decades with complete sincerity and professionalism. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve for workplace injuries.