Overview of Who Qualifies for Permanent Disability, Circumstances, and How Long it Lasts

Workers’ compensation permanent disability payments are paid to employees who have been injured on the job, and their injury results in permanent disability. Permanent disability in legal terms means that the worker is not likely to recover from the injury, or the recovery process will take more than two years.
Here, we will present detailed information about the workers’ compensation permanent disability benefits. Knowing about the disability benefit is important so that you get your due right in times of financial pain.

About the Workers’ Compensation Disability Payments

Workers’ compensation permanent disability payments are giving to employees who have suffered an injury that results in permanent disability. In order to be eligible for the permanent disability benefits, your doctor must write a report stating that the condition of an employee is not going to improve within the next year with further treatments. The employee is said to have achieved a ‘maximal medical improvement’ and the condition is not likely to improve in the near future.

Only a doctor has the authority to determine whether a person has been permanently disabled due to an injury. The recommendation is based on detailed medical checkup of the individual. You and your employer can challenge the recommendation of the doctor and request for an opinion from another medical practitioner regarding permanent disability.

How the Permanent Disability Payment Amount is Calculated?

Permanent disability benefit will be calculated based on different factors. Three important factors that are considered when calculating the permanent disability payment benefit include the following.

  • The disability rating – 100 percent disabled, 50 percent disabled, 30 percent disabled
  • Wages before the injury
  • The time of the injury

Given the complex nature of the process involved in calculating the compensation of permanent disability, it’s recommended that you get the help of an LA workplace injury attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Los Angeles will provide expert counsel that can help you get the maximum possible permanent disability payment.

Do the Permanent Disability Payment End?

Permanent disability payments do not continue indefinitely. The payments end when you have reached maximum allowable amount under the law. Also, the payments will end when you have come to an agreement with the insurance company of the employer.

You should hire a professional workers’ compensation permanent disability lawyer to ensure that you get adequate compensation for the permanent disability. You should not wait to get help to file a claim for permanent disability compensation claim. The longer you wait, the fewer your chances of getting an adequate compensation or comprehensive medical treatment for the injury.

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