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Many occupations require workers to be in good physical condition to perform the duties associated with their positions. A serious disability, illness, or injury, however, can leave a person unable to perform his or her job, which can cause significant emotional and financial difficulties. Fortunately, if this injury is caused by a workplace condition, a person is likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Contact a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney at our office now at 213-319-6804 to schedule a 100% free claim evaluation by phone, Zoom or in-person. Click here NOW!

Obstacles Posed by Worker’s Compensation – Some of the difficulties that individuals face in filing for workers’ compensation include:

  • When applying or workers’ compensation, a person will be required to complete a full medical evaluation.
  • There is an overlap between Social Security disability benefits and other types of benefits. While these programs have similar elements, workers qualify for workers’ compensation benefits on their first day of employment while Social Security disability is only provided to workers that have a substantial long-term work history.

Third Party Claims – In workers’ compensation, a “third party personal injury claim” refers to a legal action taken against a party other than the employer or the worker’s compensation insurance carrier. This is also known as a “third-party claim.” In rare cases, however, do these benefit cover all of the workers’ expenses. This is frequently a challenging path and often requires the assistance of a knowledgeable work injury attorney in Los Angeles.


When it comes to protecting your rights, a workers’ compensation attorney can assure the benefits you desire are preserved and ultimately obtained.


There are dozens of so called and self proclaimed experts. When it comes to your benefits and your future, don’t you want the best?

Our Mission

Our sole focus is that our client’s get the benefits that they are entitled to under California law. We provide the best possible representation we can every.

The Right Benefits Can Make All The Difference

When your future is at stake, and you can’t work and provide, workers’ compensation benefits may be the only thing to keep you and your family going. Benefits are entitled by California State law and you may be eligible to receive them immediately.

This compensation is available to many types of harbor workers including crane operators and terminal workers. Learn more about Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Sometimes during a workers’ compensation settlement, Limp Sum Payments can be made to satisfy a claim. Learn more about Workers’ Compensation Lump Sum Benefits Payments.

The California Workers’ Compensation laws are set t ensure that people receive the appropriate medical care to recover. Learn more about Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment.

These benefits are provided if a specific medical condition results in a worker facing difficulties that affect his or her ability to perform a job. Learn more about Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment.

These benefits are provided to the family of a worker who died as the result of a workplace injury. Learn more about Workers’ Compensation Survivor Benefits.

These types of benefits are provided to some workers while they are recuperating from injuries. Learn more about Workers’ Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits.

Our Dedication To You

Workers’ Compensation claims can be very difficult and without the experience of a true professional, benefits can be left un-claimed. No matter your workplace injury, we know how to fight and get our clients the benefits they are entitled to under California law.

Workplace Injuries Can Result from All Types of Accidents

With the diversity of jobs in Los Angeles, workplace injuries can result from all types of occupations. Injuries can present themselves as minor at first but could be so severe you may be entitled to various benefits including permanent compensation.

Ankle, Foot & Knee

Ankle, Foot & Knee injuries, while specific to a small part of the body, can be serious and prevent gainful employment.

Back & Neck

Back & Neck injuries can be severe, painful and dramatically long lasting. Benefits can help ease the recovery process.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can be permanent and prevent a worker from basic tasks as well as cripple them for life.

Chemical Burns & Exposure

Chemical Burns & Exposure can happen fast and have long lasting damage such as loss of skin and mobility.